The party’s over.

It’s been just over a week since the curtain closed on “Retreat After Me” at the Seattle Fringe Festival.

I worked really hard on this production. Rewriting, arranging the rehearsal spaces, getting the props, marketing, website, advertising. I was early submitting the press releases, had my poster and playbills at the ready, paid a […]

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This play, found by sheer luck after it was long forgotten over a decade ago, has been waiting patiently for its time in the spotlight. From the big deals – like finding the right director, stage manager, and cast – to the small deals – like prop shopping at […]

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Retreat After Me!

The time is upon us to unveil the new comedy, “Retreat After Me”. This irrevent one-act will be making its debut at The Seattle Fringe Festival on Wednesday, September 17th at 9:30 pm.

We’ve got an amazing cast lined up and we couldn’t be more pleased. Here are the details for this show. […]

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The 48 Hour Film Project 2014

Last year I had a blast doing the 48 Hour Horror Film Project. It was me, my husband, and a rag-tag bunch who, when offered the opportunity were like, “ok, sure, whatever.” I saw the notice for it on Facebook and thought – what the hell. I love doing horror make-up and […]

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An open letter to the audience.

Here’s a little nugget of awareness that I unearthed over the course of the last few shows. When you go see a performance of anything, everyone has a job, even the audience.

The lighting designer is assigned to light the actors and the stage to imply the proper mood for the given scene, the props master/mistress […]

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You have 15 minutes…

Those words are kind of scary when put in correlation with your load-in / load-out time at your theatre. Especially when you’re also needing to ready yourself for the stage.

Our “tech” for the Seattle Fringe consisted of 2 hours. We came ready, focused, anticipating a quick tech and a thorough run-through. Well…we […]

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The First Rule of Fight Club…

… know the rest.

Fight Rehearsal, on the other hand, is a whole different story!!

Our first fight rehearsal was last week and it was amazing fun! I call it a rehearsal but in reality, it is fight choreography because to ensure that the people don’t actually beat the shit out of each other the movement […]

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1st Snapshot Rehearsal

In all the hub bub of planning the rehearsal calendar around 8 people’s schedules for “Teller” and scrambling to find the perfect “Mikey” (thank you to Ted Jaquith for your most excellent referral) I kind of forgot that there was a 2nd show.

You see, “Snapshot” was added to the Fringe because I simply could […]

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“The new phonebooks are here! The new phonebooks are here!”

3 different orders arrived within 2 days of each other and my excitement was palpable. It was very much like the movie, “The Jerk”, when Steve Martin is working at the gas station and sees that the new phone books have arrived. He runs around yelling, “The new phonebooks are here! […]

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Rehearsals have begun!

I was nervous all day as I waited for the rehearsal to begin. After all, I’d written 2 very different pieces and honestly, I’m not used to having other people read my work. I kept envisioning them reading through the scripts and angrily throwing them onto the ground and walking out. Thankfully that […]

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