I was nervous all day as I waited for the rehearsal to begin. After all, I’d written 2 very different pieces and honestly, I’m not used to having other people read my work. I kept envisioning them reading through the scripts and angrily throwing them onto the ground and walking out. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

What DID happen was truly inspiring. They “got” it. They effortlessly translated my words into what I meant. At the end of blocking the first 7 pages and having them run it through I found my throat tightening and a wee tear gathering in my eye. What a profound feeling. Makes me think of the power of our words and actions. The power that comes when another human being understands your intent and mirrors it back to you. Imagine if we could do that with world leaders and politics. I believe there would be much more understanding on the planet.

But hey, we’re not here trying to save the world. We just want to put on a show.