Taking on the challenge of the Seattle 48 Hour Film Horror Project. Normally, trying to do anything in 48 hours would intimidate me and ultimately make me take a pass on a challenge of this magnitude but this was about horror, baby. And although I’m physically barred from viewing any new horror movies (this was a joint family decision due to inordinate amounts of screaming) I am very, very familiar with the horror genre and I love, love, love creating horror make-up (see THE WALKING SLED over on The Works page). I really couldn’t pass this up.

We randomly picked our genre SPOOF (genres ranged from B-Movie to Cannibalism) on Friday night and then we wrote, planned, shot and edited our 5:17 minute film. The goal was to turn it in before 7:30 pm on Sunday. However, although we had finished editing our film, we had a bear of a time rendering our film for viewing. We were driving down to the drop-off location with the computer rendering in the car but the film simply would not output correctly. In fact, we spent another hour+ in the offices of the Seattle Film Institute with our wonderfully kind coordinator, Krk Nordenstrom, trying to finagle a proper rendering, which ended up being format in an MP2 file (don’t ask me what an MP2 file even is). We had only 48 hours to make a little magic. It was challenging and made my adrenaline pump!

Click HERE to be taken to our MOVIE: Saturday the 12th

Oh, and if you’d like to visit the website of the Seattle 48 Hour Film Horror Project do so by clicking HERE.