Last year I had a blast doing the 48 Hour Horror Film Project. It was me, my husband, and a rag-tag bunch who, when offered the opportunity were like, “ok, sure, whatever.” I saw the notice for it on Facebook and thought – what the hell. I love doing horror make-up and I’ve had my fair share of horror movie marathons (all prior to having children – can’t watch ’em now).

When the movie was finished I took stock of what we had accomplished. It wasn’t the most polished movie, by far. In fact, with our 4 hours of filming outside, while raining and getting darker by the moment, some could argue it was quite poorly filmed. However, the ability to think quickly under pressure and make decisions on a moment’s notice was something that thrilled me. It’s like I was MacGyver at the helm bobby pinning and duct-taping a complete movie in 48 hours.

Sadly, our little film would not render correctly. Yeah, we were the ones driving down to Seattle, laptop on..well, lap…trying to render the movie as the moments ticked by. Deadlines are certainly not my forte and this was no different. As we drove up to the drop-off location we heard the loud chants of 10, 9, 8, 7… but alas, the rendering still didn’t work. As cheers of celebration made their way through my closed car window I’ll admit I shed a tear. To work so long and so hard and have technology fuck you over is just…well…fucked. “Next year!!” I vowed.

And now lookie here…it’s “next year”.