Paul teaches James how to smack Terry down without smacking Terry out.

Paul teaches James how to smack Terry down without smacking Terry out.

… know the rest.

Fight Rehearsal, on the other hand, is a whole different story!!

Our first fight rehearsal was last week and it was amazing fun! I call it a rehearsal but in reality, it is fight choreography because to ensure that the people don’t actually beat the shit out of each other the movement is carefully choreographed beat by beat (no pun intended). Luck has really been on my side through this Fringe Festival process because all I had to do was mutter the sentence, “Well, I need to hire a fight choreographer…” and my lovely actor, Thomas A. Glass said, “My husband, Paul, can probably do it.”

I had worked “around” Paul Fleming during the Driftwood Theater’s Festival of Shorts this summer as he had directed 2 (out of 8) of the new plays. One of his plays won the “Audience Favorite” award every night of the festival and it was my favorite, too. Pow!It was quiet and tense and as I watched the characters I was lured into their world. Yes, it was a damn good show and he is a damn fine director. I had no idea that he also was an expert fight choreographer. His current day gig is as a Fine Arts Teacher at University Prep (you can read his bio by clicking HERE).

I’d been looking forward all week to the fight rehearsal because I’d never really had much use to beat someone on-stage (woe is me). We gathered at “The Clubhouse” and watched in awe as Paul took our actors and carefully laid out their actions. The excitement in the room started to escalate – you could actually feel it building – as we began cheering the fighters. We also became somewhat of a mob as we yelled our suggestions, “Choke him!” “Knee him!” “Punch him!” I felt guilty (kind of) for enjoying this simulated violence as much as a I did…but dammit, where else can you write in a hero and a villain and then get to decide how the villain gets his due? It was soooooo satisfying. Terry & James looked wiped out at the end of it. Yvonne and Thomas looked as if they’d had a bit of a work-out, too as they have their own mini-fight scene. Luckily nobody was injured and hopefully nobody WILL be injured and ideally we’ll be hearing a few gasps from the audience (I catch myself holding my breath during this scene). I can’t thank Paul enough for teaching us how to make a fight scene look real (and exciting!). I hope we do him proud! 1239514_10201218514717845_1995788051_n

I’m sad to say our kick-ass guns weren’t as lucky in the ol’ injury department. They lasted all of about 45 minutes into the rehearsal and then pieces started to fly. Back to the drawing board on obtaining a realistic gun that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and won’t actually fire into an arm and a leg.