3 different orders arrived within 2 days of each other and my excitement was palpable. It was very much like the movie, “The Jerk”, when Steve Martin is working at the gas station and sees that the new phone books have arrived. He runs around yelling, “The new phonebooks are here! The new phonebooks are here!” It’s a pivotal moment for the character because now that his name has been listed in the phonebook it means that he “is somebody”.

New PhonebooksWhen I received my packages in the mail I admit to picking one up and yelling, “The new phonebooks are here!” much to the confusion of my neighbors. Getting the props and having them be something that a real bonafide person would use (I’m talking about the nametags, not the guns) makes it feel “real” as if everything we have been playing with will actually turn into a real live theatre production. In other words, we ARE someone!